About us

From Giovanni Flore and Serena Meloni’s idea, in 2024 Estro is born. 

After have worked always in hospitality, and the Welsh experience in Cardiff which last 8 years, they finally decide to go back to their beloved Sardinia and start a new chapter of their life. They are plenty of ideas, and willing to show you their knowledge. Here everything began.

Estro is not only born to integrate Aquae Sinis’s offers, but also to meet various guests requests. The restaurant is located in Cabras, in the Aquae Sinis Hotel main building, its panoramic terrace is facing the beautiful Cabras main church.

Estro wants to meet different kind of requests. Make appreciate the Sardinian food culture to all our guests trying to meet their needs and rutines. 

We are going to extend our food service to unusual hours for Italian standard services time. One of the things that is going to make Estro different from other restaurants in the area is that you will be able to enjoy your meal from 18:00 to 22:00.

We also want to surprise locals suggesting new interpretation of our traditional dishes. Making sure to always choose Sardinian products and keep the high quality. New specials, out of menu, will always be there for you to enjoy.

We are going to guide you in a special food and wine experience.